Fargon - Generation and treatment of compressed air
Fargon Engineering and Industry Ltd. is a brazilian company focused on the generation and treatment of compressed air with an outstanding performance since 1963.

Its pioneering spirit, quality and durability of its products to become a benchmark in its field, maintaining the best relationship between cost and benefit.

With its own staff, the Fargon acts as a provider of solutions, from assessment and analysis of the needs of its clients, the design, implementation, training and support, ongoing commitment to maintaining the quality of the air.

Equipment Fargon are compact, high efficiency, simple to operate, economical, safe and durable, and concentrate all the technology developed over 40 years of activities dedicated to the treatment of air (there are still various equipment in operation for more than 25 years).

These qualities associated with ensuring the supply of parts and ongoing technical assistance, give equipment Fargon the preference of the best companies

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